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Greetings All 

All of us went through a truly rough time the last couple of years and end up with an extra kg, and it's hard to get motivated to get back active and in shape. I know, I tried to work with an online trainer and count calories.

Still lacking motivation, between family life and work balance is so hard, right?  My eye opener was one day when I spotted a nice dress that would be good for hot holidays I thought. When I did try it on I was in tears. I never realize how big my legs are. I tried on a couple of dresses but was still very unhappy about my appearance. A few days later my husband come back from his holidays and he wasn't happy about his excess weight, finally. For years he refuses to try a healthier diet and now he has a big tummy. We both knew something needed to change. I heard about the Keto diet before but I always think that it's too difficult when you need to cook for kids.

By pure luck I one day started to chat about weight problems with a friend, she told me about how she lost 6Kg in one month with a Keto diet. And since then we are hooked on it, I lost 3kg and my husband 5kg in the first week and a half. We are excited about a low-carb diet ( or I like to call it a lifestyle) Join us in our Journey, it's more fun to do it together.

Stay tuned in for my next update!!!

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Very good news and I will try that too,preparing myself mentally and ofcourse I am on revision of all food I have In my house, I am looking for good advices from you :-),please share some tips 😀

Angelina Jociene August 02, 2022

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