“Let’s grab something fast, it’s just 20 minutes to the meeting”.
“Order some fast food, it’s late and I didn’t have time to go shopping”.Sound like a familiar scenario?

For most people it is day-to-day reality, because we are constantly challenged to do more in less time. As a result, time to prep a proper meal has shrunk and easy solutions win.

However, they often come at a price, leading to higher fat and salt intakes with less consumption of nourishing fruit and vegetables (which come with all the vitamins, minerals and fiber that our bodies need on a daily basis to thrive)[1-4].
If left to escalate, these can take heavy toll on our well-being [5].

Fortunately it IS possible to preserve the quality of our meals despite constantly chasing the clock.
Following the idea of working smart instead of hard, it requires less effort than you may think.Meal planning is a great place to start. Although it requires a bit of practice, it also gives you better control over the quality of your diet as well as your budget!
Spend time looking for nutritious recipes and increase the ingredients so you can prepare extra portions, use them as your next meals or freeze them so you always have access to easy, nutritious dishes. As freezing doesn’t influence the nutritional value of food that much, frozen fruits and vegetables are also a convenient and easily available option. If you like snacks, then keep ready-to-eat or easy-to-prepare options at hand, like fruit, veggies, protein bars, nuts or nutrient-dense shake powders.
Inspiration is the key to quick and easy home cooking. Bookmark favourite recipes on your PC or save them into a folder so you always have a great go-to selection of meals to choose from.
Even the busiest of people can make the time for home cooked meals. It just requires a bit of extra planning!

Inga Lyall
Nutritionist / Fitness Instructor

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