Golden microneedle RF

20 years old:

Hidden in the corner of my eyes was the crisis of all the wrinkles, The crow's feet began to grow from about 20 years old.

When you look carefully at the side of the mirror, You will find some small fine lines. Eye skin is the face of the thinnest and most vulnerable, So please pay attention to eye care.

30 years old:

Forehead wrinkles, Albinus Muscle, temple Forehead wrinkles began to appear. In addition, Forehead wrinkles are also affected by muscle sag and so on. The same sagging also Albinus Muscle As the face of the most smooth and soft piece, the Albinus Muscle is like a muscle to store a lot of fat, so it is particularly vulnerable to gravity. The temple part of the muscle is thin, It will gradually let the bone shape be exposed, Become rugged.

Golden microneedle RF --- Improve and tighten skin: Break the skin barrier, precision targeting into a deep level of the skin.

RF energy is constantly high --- Full and no wrinkles: RF energy stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and the skin will be more filling, moist, Q bombs, and no wrinkles.

Transdermal multi-effect administration --- Brighten and rejuvenate skin: along the channel created by the Micro Needle, then implementation of personalized treatment drug introduction, to get better effect.

Why is it so popular?

The new treatment program doubles the effect of radiofrequency firming technology. This technology is different from the traditional treatment of micro-needling. I can adjust the depth of microcrystalline and radiofrequency energy to the client's skin needs. The unique design of the insulation microcrystalline to avoid the stimulation of the epidermis, crystal tip direct treatment of the depth of the release of energy, no damage to the epidermal tissue, postoperative scab, chromatin and other adverse reactions, the effect is perfect.

Golden Micro Needle RF --- Terminator of your wrinkles Main treatment of this Golden Micro Needle RF machine?

1. The skin that grows back is thicker and smoother. This can target: crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, Nasolabial folds and neck wrinkles.

2. Skin rejuvenation, tighten and enhance the skin.

3. Remove Stretch marks and expansion marks

4. Treat for large pores.

5. Improve skin dim.

6. Blood vessel removal.

7. Skin whitening.

8. Remove acne scars.

9. Improve depression scars.

10. Regular skincare.

11. Scars from injury or surgery

12. Hyperpigmentation,

13. Cellulite and hyperhidrosis.

How does it work?

Micro Needles exit from skin automatically.

Treatment head touch skin nursing method:

Status quo may occur after the treatment:

Included in this Golden microneedle RF is a ProSkin30 facial, which is broken up into two 15 minute treatments both before and after the Golden microneedle RF to prep and smooth the skin. This treatment uses Dermalogica products.

Gold-frequency microcrystalline care - the operation time according to different parts, but generally takes 15 to 40 minutes.

Calming stage – I use cryo-derm and mask for calm and moisture.

Treatment time: once during 3-4 weeks, and keep nursing for 3-5 times

Repair nursing: Dermalogica ProCalm30 is recommended for support once a week.

One day: Fever, redness, and according to the physical, micro-swelling phenomenon

Two or three days: Skinning, erythema, pox.

Are there any potential side effects of radiofrequency micro-needling?

Typically, radiofrequency micro-needling is well tolerated.

But like all cosmetic treatments, it may cause some side effects.

Possible side effects include: dryness redness scaling itching swelling mild acne flare-up cold sore breakout

These side effects might last for a few hours or days.

If you experience discomfort for more than 12 h please contact me at Tel. 0831728564 or email Since radiofrequency micro-needling is a cosmetic procedure,

The average cost of standard micro-needling ranges from €100 to €800 per session.

The final cost depends on your skin condition and body part where treatment is provided.

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