HIFU SMAS lifting.

HIFU SMAS lifting.

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound lifting also called SMAS lifting - is a safe alternative to plastic surgery 

If plastic surgery is not your method -there is such a method - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound lifting it is also called anatomical HIFU SMAS lifting.This method tightening the skin without injuring it and without a rehabilitation period.

How is the  HIFU SMAS facelift performed?

High-intensity focused ultrasound acts on the skin through the device. It penetrates deep into the skin without damaging its upper layer, but concentrating at a given level. Heating to specific temperatures tightens collagen fibers and stimulates cells to generate large amounts of new connective tissue. It is collagen and elastin that "are responsible" for the elasticity of the skin, and thanks to them, the subcutaneous tissue is denser, and the face frame is tightened.

Due to the multilevel effect, HIFU SMAS lifting shows excellent results in the prevention and correction of the first signs of aging, the fight against gravitational changes, and ptosis.

It is important that HIFU “works” exactly in depth, without rising to the surface and without leaving any marks on the skin, which makes it possible to shorten the rehabilitation period to literally several hours.

For treatment used different types of cartridges, which allows them to have a high-quality effect on absolutely all areas of the face. Therefore, this lifting is called anatomical SMAS and is considered especially effective.

Indications for use:

Sagging skin (appearance of a "double chin", "flabby" cheeks)

Fuzzy face oval

Dull skin color

Loose skin of the face and neck

And other age-related changes

Benefits of HIFU SMAS lifting:

Painlessness. During the procedure, you feel a slight tingling sensation that does not require anesthesia.

All-seasonality. The procedure can be performed even in summer, as the skin is not damaged, therefore, there is no risk of pigmentation.

Security. The procedure has no side effects: burns, scars, blemishes, etc.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (SMAS lifting)  works simultaneously on several levels, strengthening the subcutaneous framework and promoting collagen production in the deep and middle layers of the skin.

Favorable combination with other methods of rejuvenation.

Lack of a rehabilitation period.

Long lasting effect. The result after the procedure will not be long in coming and will delight you for up to two years.


The procedure takes from 90 min to 2.5 hours.

Result after the procedure:

Face lift

Lifting and tightening of tissues

Elimination of "double chin"

Improved complexion: the skin looks healthy, rested

Improving the condition and quality of the skin: it becomes even and smooth

HIFU SMAS lifting not only combines well with other injection and hardware cosmetic techniques, but also enhances their effectiveness. 

Ultrasound lifting is equally effective for reducing local fat deposits, tightening the skin and eliminating cellulite in different parts of the body.

The method of skin rejuvenation using focused high-intensity ultrasound is one of the most popular procedures among clients today. The technology allows for a non-surgical facelift without rehabilitation!


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Im so happy to finally find HIFU treatment. I did try many different treatments but this one is the best.
Every morning I look in the mirror and se that’s my skin is getting better and better. Well worth to try.

Inga Lyall September 01, 2021

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