During the COVID-19 pandemic, managing your physical and mental health is more important than ever. The spread of the current virus is a new challenge and obstacle for everyone. Mental health is an important part of your overall health and well-being and even more important at times like these. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It can also affect how we handle stress, connect to others, and make choices in our everyday lives. Most people are stressing right now which can lead to long-term negative effects, so why not relieve some of that tension?

Our bodies serve us in amazing ways every single day of our lives. Our body can handle many issues itself but years filled with too little sleep and exercise, bad food, air and water, and an abundance of stress can lower our body’s health. Have you been noticing tired feet, insomnia, aches or pains, or tension in your body? Why not get a massage?

Immense studies and research show that massages can be an effective treatment for relieving stress, pain, and muscle tension as well as improve circulation, sleep, and mood. Not only this, but it can also soothe and relax the body and help with common aches and pain. This long list of benefits continues, massages are superheroes for body-related pain.

With the countless different options of massages available, you’re sure to find one perfect for you.

Need some general refreshing? Try a full body massage! 

Full body massages are ideal for relieving tension in the body and allow your body to feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Experiencing swelling? Try a lymphatic drainage massage! 

This is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids all around your body, this helps remove any waste or toxins from the bodily tissue.

Are you seated for the majority of the day? Try an Indian head massage!

This type of massage focuses on relieving tension from your neck, shoulders, and upper back. It stimulates these areas to restore the natural flow of energy through the body.

Want to support your immune system? Try reflexology!

This type of treatment focuses on the hands, feet, and ears, sending a calming message from the nerves to the central nervous system. In turn, this signals the body to enhance overall relaxation, adjust tension levels, bring your internal organs and all their systems to a state of optimum functioning, and increase blood supply.

As an expert in this area of treatment, I focus on understanding you and your pain or needs. 

There are several protocols currently in place for the current situation in the world that can ensure you have no extra worries and can lay down and enjoy a relaxing treatment. 

It is an important time to relax, reconnect, and feel comfortable in your own body again.

You can choose from an extensive range of procedures that I offer below.

The session last 50 min.

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