Welcome to our NEW online shop!

As some of you may have noticed, We have changed our website! This new website is very similar to our old one although there are a few key differences for instance:

  • It includes many of the same characteristics of our old website but now includes new options that make your shopping and browsing experience much easier, including the brand new look and design! The new sleek look will help to make your shopping simple and quick.
  • Our old website was on a global platform, this new one is now found on an exclusively Irish domain. This means that everything is much more local and accurate to our customers, everything will be tailored to an Irish audience as well as all shipping will only be done inside Ireland. Not only this, but the new platform makes your shopping and browsing much more secure.
  • It is much more comfortable! The new design and layout of the website is easier to maneuver and anything you need can be easily accessed.
  • The shopping feature now has many more different tools that are extremely helpful. This new platform offers a Wishlist option where you can save things for later, as well as helpful reviews and more accurate descriptions of the product. Each product now has a Dermalogica® video to accompany it and information on how to use the product.
  • As well as the helpful new features, you can now buy a gift card that can be used to buy any products on the new website. It is an ideal gift or must-have!
  • The blog will be brand new and will have much more information than on the last website. It will be updated regularly and will answer many of your skin concerns.
  • All customers will receive 5% off their first purchase .

We are always willing to improve our customer service and offer everyone an enjoyable experience. Especially now with global issues like COVID-19, supporting your local businesses is as important as ever!

Can’t wait for you all to dive in and explore the new website!

Kind regards,

Your Skin Expert.

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