HIFU Both Inner And Outer Thighs Treatment Session

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Though there are many non-surgical facelift treatments which can effectively target the top layers of the skin (the superficial dermis), HIFU is unique in its ability to target focus points at multiple depths beneath the surface, including the dermis, right down the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system), which is the layer adjusted by surgeons during a traditional facelift.HIFU is a one-off therapy which will result in firmer, tighter, lifted facial skin.

FDA approved -Non-surgical -No downtime -Instant results

Benefits: Refines lines and wrinkles. Reduces Wrinkles. Tones skin and reduces the size of pores.

Reduces the appearance of Acne scarring. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Stimulates the body’s natural healing process.

Non-surgical face-lifting.

No post treatment downtime.

No damage to the surface of the skin .

The beauty of HIFU is that the benefits can be seen instantaneously, with optimum results generally expected after 20 days.

However, depending on the area of treatment, optimum results can take three to six months post treatment.

The stimulating effect of HIFU promotes the synthesis of new collagen which will help your skin maintain its natural, youthful glow for a long period of time.

The most noticeable results should be seen within the first 20 days following the treatment. Further improvements may be gained for up to six-months and results can last up to two years.

It is  however important to keep in mind that the ideal candidate is a person with good skin elasticity in their 40s to 50s with mild to moderate skin sagging of the face, neck or eye area.

Patients outside this age group or with more compromised skin quality may still benefit from the treatment but would often require 2 or 3 treatments and should expect less dramatic outcomes.