Lycon Waxing

Lycon waxing

It is an impeccable premium waxing method that is intended to make your waxing treatments easier and virtually pain-free



I feel as though I speak for all of us when I say there is nothing better than to be pampered, and one of the numerous ways we spoil ourself is a trip to the beauty salon for various treatments -- including waxing.

 From hair removal creams to shaving and waxing. It is safe to assume that absolutely no one enjoys the process of hair removal. Many of my clients were staunch shavers, in their routine with shaving they never gave waxing a second thought, it was just a sub-conscious part of their showering experience, but as soon as they were introduced to Lycon wax they said they would never go back!

Waxing has become incredibly popular over the years, and for good reason. It’s a great way to remove unwanted body hair, and keep your skin looking smooth and beautiful. There are countless different types of waxing methods out there but from my years of experience, Lycon waxing is always my number 1 choice for all clients of mine. I am super happy to offer to all my patients what I consider the best wax in the market.

 It is an impeccable premium waxing method that is intended to make your waxing treatments easier and virtually pain-free. I can guarantee superb results as there have never been any issues with any of my clients. 

 Lycon wax originates from Australia, the home of beaches, sun and bikinis so it makes perfect sense for them to invent the most painless wax out there. It was developed in the late ’70s by Lycia Jordane, an aesthetician from Australia. This revolutionised the industry because it “shrink-wraps” the hair being able to remove even the shortest follicle. Additionally, it leaves your skin smooth and silky to touch and it does not burn because it melts at quite a low temperature ensuring additional comfort.

So what sets Lycon waxing aside for all other waxing methods? Lycon waxing treatments offer an effective yet satisfactory experience. From start to finish, you will be sure to have a clean and simple waxing treatment. It is different from traditional strip waxing because it works by shrink-wrapping the individual hair, pulling it out by the roots, meaning you will be hair-free for a much longer time than with regular wax. The hot wax is applied in small slips and they simply cool on the skin and are then removed, cancelling out the need for strips so the pain is minimal.

 Lycon waxes include a resin that is one of the strongest in the world but remains so gentle it is completely safe to re-wax all areas. Since it includes a resin, it means that while gentle to your skin it is tough on the job, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm right at the root without tugging on the skin, which let’s be honest is incredible! Those are hairs that we probably can’t even see. A Pre-Waxing oil creates a barrier between the wax and the skin, prevent skin lifting, dragging or bruising.

 I provide a variety of products to suit every client, whether they have sensitive skin, stubborn hair or fine short hair. This ensures that everyone can receive an enjoyable and easy session. Although it tends to be more towards the expensive side, if you are looking for a virtually pain-free and high-quality wax then this would be the one for you. I typically use this form of wax on more sensitive areas of the because let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than attempting to use strip wax on areas that are known to be extremely prone to bruising, redness and damage. Lycon Wax just gives them that extra level of care that they need to stay protected under the stress of waxing.

 Of course, as with any waxing treatment, there is some important advice that I advise you to follow for aftercare suck as:

 No tanning (artificial or real) for at least 24 hours after the wax.

Avoid restrictive or tight clothing.
Do not apply any oils, lotions, false tan or deodorants to the area treated for at least 48 hours.
Avoid hot baths or showers for at least 24 hours after waxing as any additional heat on the area may cause burning or a heat reaction.
Steer clear of exercising or swimming for 24 hours after the wax as friction on the area may cause a reaction.


Lip Wax

Sides of the face


1/2 legs and bikini

 So if you want to treat yourself, planning a trip or simply just considering it, waxing doesn’t have to be as scary as you think! You are in safe hands with me, I promise. 

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