Your Skin Expert advanced aesthetic clinic

Your Skin Expert advanced aesthetic clinic based in Cork, while also being 100% operated in Ireland.

The clinic owner Angelina Jociene is a fully qualified Dermalogica® Skin Expert and Your Skin Expert an authorized Irish supplier of Dermalogica® products and has been running a beauty business in Ireland since 2014 for over 7 years.

Your Skin Expert treatment room

I take great pride in every client I treat in my clinic, feeling a sense of accomplishment when I see my client's happy with their results. One of my main goals is to help my clients battle their skin problems and receiving the best outcomes possible.

angelina Jociene @Your Skin Expert

I have been using Dermalogica® ever since I first discovered their brand and I have never gone back. Their products gave healthy and beautiful skin a completely different meaning. I have had my fair share of different brands and products but nothing has ever impressed me more than Dermalogica®. As a skin professional, their products exceed all my expectations and always blow me away every time. I could not recommend a better, more rewarding brand than Dermalogica®.