Imagine if you woke up every day with your makeup already perfectly applied? What if you could just hop out of bed and head out the door in a matter of minutes, not having to worry about if your eyebrows look even, or if your lipstick is smudged. This may sound like a fantasy, every woman’s dream, but what if I told you that this could be your reality?

 For many women, going out means spending time in front of the mirror with a full set of makeup products, perfecting every detail. Cosmetics are designed to enhance our beauty, simply making you look healthier and prettier. All of your make-up worries can be put to rest with permanent makeup!

 Every feature of your face can benefit, you can fill in and shape your eyebrows, tattoo eyeliner, outline and add colour to your lips. This technique saves you from spending time and money on choosing the best makeup to give you that natural look. Once you have permanent makeup on, you wake up looking effortlessly pretty every day! The best part is it doesn’t smudge no matter how much you sweat or cry and permanent makeup lasts a long time on your face!


Permanent makeup is a safe and completely controlled method of applying permanent cosmetic pigments into the outmost upper layer of the skin, also known as the dermal layer. It tends to go by many names such as cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent makeup, soft tap or microblading but permanent makeup is the most frequently used. It helps you look your best even with a busy and active lifestyle. The tattoos mimic makeup, so most of my clients seek them out to streamline their beauty routines.

 Maybe you’re wondering what permanent makeup is, what the difference between all the various techniques that are offered by specialists like I am but let me let you in on a little secret. There is no difference! Although different people tend to do things differently, the principals and technologies all work in one direction, ensuring that you look stunning no matter what! 

 There is a common misconception that permanent makeup is the same as a tattoo but they are very different. Permanent makeup is designed to fade over time, unlike a regular tattoo which lasts forever. It is a permanent treatment, but colours will fade over time, so will need touch-ups and pigment refreshments. Downtime depends on your skin sensitivity and pigmented area. Cosmetic tattooing results tend to last between 1-5 years but different factors such as the pigmentation, area, techniques used, skin type, and age can play huge roles in the longevity of the results. For older women, results tend to last longer as the skin renewal takes longer! 

  Are you considering getting this treatment done? Perhaps you hate how long it takes you to get ready, or hate constantly having to reapply your makeup throughout the day, maybe it’s becoming too difficult to achieve the look you want or maybe you can get it to look good! For all of these reasons and so many others, permanent makeup may be the solution for you.  

 Semi-permanent makeup has come a long way, with the recent additions to equipment and machinery, and pigment selections, all developed to create genuinely natural results. Specialized hair stroke techniques can be used for eyebrow treatments to create the illusion of a naturally full or defined brow. For the lips, it's a common opinion that the colour may seem dark right after the treatment itself, but as it heals, the lip colour will begin to fade, subtlety creating an enhanced look that doesn't shy away from the natural appearance. Lastly, one can never underestimate the power of a subtle eyeliner. Even if it is a thin line, eyeliner around the eyes can truly make them pop! But the natural look is not always everyone's cup of tea. You may want something colourful and eye catching, dramatic brows or radiant lips. Whatever options you choose, it is up to you and with semi-permanent cosmetics I can ordinarily consider your everyday makeup and imitate it perfectly, making you more efficient with your time. As your permanent makeup artist, I will consider everything, making sure you leave my clinic as happy as can be!

 Another frequently asked question is, "Does it hurt?". My clients are often pleasantly surprised by how I handle this treatment, allowing them to feel comfortable throughout the process. Eliminating any worries they may have before the appointment. The face is full of sensitive areas and we all have different pain thresholds, of course, so the process might be uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be painful. Topical numbing creams help to decrease discomfort. Once you fully recover, you will be able to appreciate long-lasting results! Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling beautiful with minimal effort. You don’t have to wake up much earlier to put on makeup or have to find time retouching it in the middle of the day. What’s not to love?

I offer many different options for permanent makeup consisting of:


Ombre Brows



 Powdered Brows



So why not treat yourself to a few extra minutes in bed every morning while still looking gorgeous throughout the day! Come done to my beauty clinic and experience the beauty of permanent makeup. 

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