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Cupping massage



Cupping massage therapy very rarely produce this discolouration culled a ''cup kiss'' or ''doo-hickey''.

Numerous conditions respond beautifully to massage cupping, including fibromyalgia, anxiety, insomnia,post-injury trauma, chronic pain,post-surgery adhesions, cellulite and sluggish colon.
Cupping massage can: Move stagnation, Release rigid soft tissue. drain excess fluid and toxins. Lymph Drainage. Relieve Inflammation. Loosen adhesion. Lift Connective tissue. Increase Blood flow to skin and muscles. Activate stagnate QJ. Release tight and sore muscles.

Suction reaches deep into soft tissue attachments and organs. Toxins, inflammation, blood and lymph flow are then pulled to the surface of the skin.

The outcome is increased circulation, lymph flow, and sensations are truly incredible.

Health and Healing are promoted by loosening soft and connective tissue; therefore visible improvements are seen in scars and adhesions. 


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