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HIFU lower face



Unlike surgery, a HIFU facelift is a much safer and much more affordable once-off treatment that results in firmer, tighter, and lifted facial skin. It is a non-invasive, once-off therapy that is unique in its ability to target focus points at multiple depths beneath the surface, including the dermis, right down the SMAS.

There are no incisions, no scarring, and only a 1 week required rest or recovery time. It is also far less expensive than a facelift. 

 Included in this HIFU Face treatment is a ProSkin30 facial, which is broken up into two 15 minute treatments both before and after the HIFU to prep and smooth the skin. This treatment uses fully Dermalogica products.

 In addition to your treatment, all patients must undergo a consultation and a skin analysis that should be conducted at the latest on the day of treatment but preferably 48 hours before. HIFU cannot be performed without meeting these requirements.

During this HIFU consultation, your requirements will be assessed, the area that you need to be treated will be checked as to whether it is free of contraindications and understanding of the HIFU results and your expectations will be fully discussed and understood. This way, the perfect solution, bespoke to your own specific requirements will be found, customized and made ready for you.

Not suitable for people with metal implants in the body/face, epilepsy, implanted pacemakers.


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