Your Skin Expert Advanced Aesthetic Clinic

Plasma Shower Skin Regeneration treatment

What is Plasma Advantage?
Rapid absorption of skin: TDDS plasma delivery technology, rapid opening of cell adhesion molecules (CAM), producing 60-200 times more shock, human absorption, the solution is instantly absorbed by the skin.
 2. Strong disinfection and sterilization: The plasma energy has a strong ability to disinfect, and effectively destroy bacteria by avoiding the destruction of the molecular structure of bacteria and avoiding causing various skin problems
3. Anti-oxidation: The plasma energy causes the ageing cells to shrink and recombine through the sputtering phenomenon, and at the same time inhibits the precipitation of melanin, leaving the skin bright and flawless.
 4. Open skin channel: Non-invasive superconductors increase the flow of nutrients between cells and promote cell uptake by stabilizing cavitation. And open the channel in the cell membrane to accelerate.


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